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  • Black Future
    Black Future
    In Asturias, being a miner is not just a job. It is an identity passed down from generation to generation, forming part of the region’s culture. What will become of this world when coal mining disappears? A web-documentary by Hanna Jarzabek & Aedo Social Films
  • La Mangrana
    La Mangrana
    “La Mangrana” is a documentary focusing on the rehabilitation of a protected estate in Barcelona, aiming to show how the link between neighbourhood associations and urban improvement institutions can set in motion local improvement projects.
  • Flores de Otoño
    Flores de Otoño
    The stereotype of a homosexual is that of a young, high-income person whose sex life plays a central role in defining identity. In parallel, sexuality among the elderly is a taboo subject and heterosexuality is taken for granted: elderly homosexuals do not exist.
  • Lloret Como a Mi M'Agrada
    Lloret Como a Mi M'Agrada
    Municipality of Lloret de Mar summer campaign promotional video.
  • ‘Aquest estiu, #amicspersempre’
    ‘Aquest estiu, #amicspersempre’
    Radio spot for Catalonia’s Blood Bank summer blood donation campaign.
  • Brutal Relax
    Brutal Relax
    Brutal Relax is the story of Mr Olivares who, upon recovering, needs a vacation in some heavenly place where he can relax and blithely enjoy himself. Premiered in Sitges 2010 (Official Fantàstic Selection) and won Best Short Film Award in Fantasporto International Film Festival (2010) and Golden Méliès Award in Neuchâtel International Fantasy Film Festival, among others.